‘PARKER’- Chicago’s Best Indie Punk-Rock Group

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Parker is a Chicago-based punk-rock band that released their first album, ‘Never Growing Old,’ during the summer of this year.

I spoke with Devin Parker in August and he spoke of their goals by saying that they’re, “always working on growing, whether it’s exposure on the web through press, or telling people about our music word of mouth. Music wise too, we’re always growing as a band and working on our live show, practicing our individual instruments & learning how we work best together.” Currently, their biggest focus is building an audience and getting their music out there.

As a newer band, Devin said that their biggest challenge has just been, “getting the right members in place. We’ve been trying to get the right members in place for about the last two years. We wanted to make sure everyone vibes well and is onboard with our goals to build fast and tour soon.” He acknowledged that they’re in a great place and are enthusiastic about growing together, individually and as a band.

With great insight, he speaks highly of the music scene in Chicago by saying, “Chicago has a really great music scene right now, there’s a lot of bands but everyone has been extremely helpful and very supportive. We’ve had no trouble getting on gigs and press has been really great, too. We have noticed there’s a lot of booking agents- before, we used to work directly with clubs, now it’s just getting in touch with the right agents. So that’s another step but it hasn’t slowed us down either. It’s a pretty good time in Chicago right now!”

We also spoke about collaborations they’d been working on. They’ve worked with Adam Krier of ‘Lucky Boys Confusion’ and AM Taxi, both of which have been going really well. “We would absolutely love to do a tour with those guys in the future. Chuck Ragan is a name that’s come up as well, we really dig his songwriting and would just love to work with him sometime.”

He would love to be known for a phenomenal and energetic live show experience that, “…moves with the audience and connects with them. We want the listener to feel and connect with the song. We want them to listen and feel what we’re feeling when we wrote it and associate that with a time in their life when they felt the same way.”

To finish off the interview I asked him about the music-making process- “We write songs when we have to- when we’re overwhelmed with an emotion that a song forces its way out of us. We don’t force songs ever, we care so much about authentic emotion in a song and we feel that it’s magic to have that, and without, it’s lost. When something does come out, either [Devin] or Patrick will write the entire thing on either piano or acoustic guitar. Then they present it to the others and some things might change. we then make it a full band song, work it out to what we think is perfect and then take it to pre-production with Adam Krier. He adds some thoughts, we tighten it up and hit the studio! In the studio, a lot of magic is added as well but the structure of the song is the same”

All of their links are above, and I definitely recommend giving them a follow and a listen! (Trust me, you won’t regret checking out their album, it’s amazing)

thanks so much & all the love,

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